S.R. Binyamina Investments Ltd. is a consulting and investment company in the field of Turfgrass.

The company  specializes in all areas of turf, including: 


  • Consulting and planning , the construction of lawns in israel and worldwide.


  • Consulting on the maintenance of turf projects, i.e: golf-courses,parks, landmarks with  lawns, etc.
  • Planning the construction of soccer fields, including drainage infrastructures, irrigation systems, beddings for cultivation, etc.
  • Assisting and supporting in the purchase of equipment for turf maintenance, i.e lawn-mowers, peelers, aerators, grooming tools, etc.
  • S.R Binyamina Investments Ltd. was founded in 1999 by Ronen Shmuelevitz.



Ronen is a long time  agriculturalist active in plantations. Ronen studied agricutural engineering between the years 1988-1990 


Between 1990-1994, Ronen served as a professional consultant for  the Kedem Chemicals company, which produces and distributes gardening additives for general use and specifically for the  Turfgrass industry.

In 1994 Ronen entered the private market,  providing consultation services for both the private and the public sectors:

  • PICO in Egypt, where he established large turf nurserie The Jordanian Royal Family
  • Soccer fields in Rumania
  • Turf projects in Israel: Golf courses, soccer fields, parks, turf nurseries, and other turf sites.
  • RITM in Russia, where he established large turf nurseries
  • Baku, Azerbaijan:  where he established large turf nurseries In 1999, Ronen Shmuelevuch founded  S.R Binyamina Investements Ltd. The company deals primarily with investing and consulting on turf related projects
  • Collaborating with Greek grass nursery partners in supplying turf to clients in Greece, as wall as   turf for various projects for the 2004 Olympic games in Athens.
  • In 2004, he began planning turf nurseries in Rostov, Russia, for an investment group, with prospects for an additional project in Baku.

Periodically, Ronen receives international invitations to render consultation and on-going support for turf projects.

In addition to Ronen's work in the company, S.R Binyamina Investment Ltd. hires the services of planners and supervisors as required according to projects.


Throghout the years, Ronen has attended numerous exhibitions and conferences on the topic of turf and he is a member of TPI (Turfgrass Producers International).