Professional advice


Professional advice - soccer fields


Ronen Shmuelevich, a consultant for highly professional turfgrass lawns, offers the following expert  services, while upholding full attention to sustaining acontinuous match between the rendered service, the client's requirements and the lawn's needs.


Our consulting services include:


  • Ongoing support and supervision over the Turfgrass and its maintenance through year-round site visits
  • Preparation of technical specifications for Turfgrass maintenance
  • Working with contractors and/or training of local staff
  • Recommendations regarding various seasonal treatments
  • Design of irrigation schedules according to season, type of soil bed and geographical area
  • Soil sampling and analysis of results
  • Recommendations for treatment of pests, diseases, and weeds (including tests, if necessary)
  • Writing bids for the supply of seeds, pesticides and fertilizers
  • Recommendations for purchase of mechanical tools and equipment 
  • Winter overseeding, including matching between seed varieties and the method of seeding
  • Preparation of specifications for a field's renovation     


Professional advice - golf courses​

Ronen Shmuelevich, a professional sports Turfgrass consultant.
Sports Turfgrass lawns endure constant pressure inflicting damage on the lawn's uniformity (Bald Patches) and its green color. These unique circumstances require vast knowledge of Turfgrass varieties, pesticides and fertilization, as well as the ability to findi creative solutions for smart and economical water use


Our consulting services include:


  • Ongoing support and supervision through site visits
  • Preparation of work specifications
  • Matching between seed varieties and the various courses' designations
  • Designing treatment plans for Greens, Tees, and courses
  • Finding drainage solutions for Greens and problematic areas
  • Fertilization schedules and soil testing
  • Design of irrigation schedules according to geographical area, type of soil and turfgrass varieties.  
  • Solutions for treatment of pests, diseases, and weeds    
  • Recommendations for purchase and/or rental of designated equipment for Turfgrass maintenance
  • Planning overseeding of courses and Greens


Professional advice -  parks​


Turfgrass lawns are commonly used in the landscape design of many locations in Israel as well as in private gardens. The use of turfgrass in landscaping requires an investment of an extensive amount of water. This excessive water use does not always justify the advantages of having a Turfgrass lawn.


The water crisis in Israel necessitates vast knowledge and experience in matching between Turfgrass seed varieties and different climates and soil types.     

The extensive knowledge accumulated by Ronen in the construction of sod grasses abroad, allows him to offer water saving solutions without inflicting damage to the lawn's beautiful green color.


Following is a list of services offered to public institutions, municipal authorities, Kibbutzim and private clients:


Our consulting services include:


  • Matching between the Turfgrass and its maintenance to a specified budget    
  • Designing all Turfgrass treatment plans, including work and maintenance specifications
  • Choosing and matching between different Turfgrass seed varieties
  • Land survey and testing for determining soil minerals' status 
  • Diagnosis and treatment of Turfgrass problems
  • Writing technical specifications for field renovation programs
  • Recommendations on weed control
  • Fertilization schedules and matching fertilizers
  • Recommendations on purchase of equipment for maintenance and treatment of Turfgrass lawns
  • Staff training


Sod Grass


The international activity of S.R. Binyamina Investments Ltd. includes the design and construction of sod grasses in Israel, Egypt, Greece, Russia and Azerbaijan.Lawn design is based on a match between grass types and varieties and the climate as well as the specific area of the lawn. For achieving this, sod grass design is based on  data survey, including: climate, soil type, technical equipment, human resources, economical feasibility as well as consumers' market segmentation.


Design and implementation stages:


  • Locating a suitable area for the sod grass (water and soil testing)
  • Design of an irrigation system
  • Purchase of equipment
  • Selecting and purchasing seeds or grass plants
  • Training work teams
  •  Locating suppliers of pesticides and fertilizers
  • Preparing the soil for the crops  
  • Following up on the crops' growth process 
  • Designing a marketing array and training sales managers
  • Training  teams for lawn's construction and maintenance 


Upon completion of the sod grass' design and construction process, the local staff can independently operate the sod grass. Additional professional support is available and is rendered  on the basis of means of communication and sod grass' visits throughout the year.