S.R. Binyamina Investments Ltd is a Turfgrass company under the management of Ronen Shmuelevich, a specialist in the field of Turfgrass for sports fields, lawns and sod grass in Israel and worldwide.

S.R. Binyamina Ltd​

S.R. Binyamina Ltd., under the direction of Ronen Shmuelevitz, specializes in sports lawns, lawns and grass plants in Israel and abroad.​


Professional consultation and assistance, from the formulation of the plan to the maintenance of the lawns at a high and cost-effective level.​

Planning, integrates earthworks and infrastructure until planting grass​

Supervision according to stages, writing tenders, touring contractors and granting permits.​

Our uniqueness stems from the vast  experience we have accumulated in designing and constructing of a large number of sod grasses of different seed varieties, in a wide range of climates, and different types of soil, as well as from designing sports fields' turfgrasses. This is further complimented by our established international network and business relations with companies in the fields of turf seed design and manufacturing, and Turfgrass mechanical equipment manufacturing.


During a decade of activity , we have developed a specialization in consumers' market segmentation and economic feasibility in the field of sod grass. In addition, we have been involved in projects in a scope of thousands of hectare of turf.


Among our clients are Municipal Authorities, Kibbutzim, Sports Associations, Events Gardens, and Recreational Parks. Additionally, our clients enjoy from our expert services and experience in the diagnosis and treatment of turf diseases and pests, advice on fertilizations, turfgrass mowing and various agro-technological actions.


Areas of expertise​

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Professional advice - soccer fields​

Professional advice - golf courses​

Professional advice -  parks​

Designing soccer fields​

Primary supervision​

 synthetic grass​

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